Gather & Grow Retreat

Gather & Grow-7.jpg

When I signed up to go to Alice Benham’s Gather & Grow retreat, I could have never imagined just how much gathering and growing i’d actually be doing. Four days of intentional space, connecting female business owners, and working on who you are as a brand, the big picture and storytelling through content. What I wasn’t expecting was to gain as well as all of that incredible perspective, was to leave with 13 female founders in my corner, having spent the last four days sharing, opening up, being vulnerable, honest, kind and driven, with a whole new perspective on who I was, what my brand is about and how to share my story with the world.

The retreat came at the perfect time, as i’ve just relaunched my website and rebranded. Over the four days of the retreat, i’ve learnt how to implement all of this newness, and figure out the transition between who my brand used to be (Find Me In The Home Section) and who it is now, going forward (Stories by Chloe).

Aside from all of this we had ground breaking brand focused workshops by Alice (Alice Benham), Julia (Independent Girl’s Collective) and Sophie (Sophie French Creative). We were treated to seriously first class food from Daisy (Chef Girl Daisy), grounding yoga by Krupa (Krupa Shikotra) and calligraphy by Lucy (Old Little Goose), as well as downtime making cocktails, using the spa and hot tub, and fun with our new found girl bosses.

The location was amazing, even the drive through the costal scenery made me feel instantly relaxed, and the space to be fully present in my brands journey and how to connect this to my clients, was nothing short of powerful. It’s fair to say this week changed my business and I, it aligned us, and gave me much needed clarity.

Without really being able to find the words to fully justify last week, the Gather & Grow retreat for me, brought out the magic in every single one of us, it seeked the answers we already had without ourselves and, with the expertise of every single woman in the room, shaped my brand into something i’m extremely proud of. It changed my life, and Alice Benham, I could not be more grateful.

Ps. Shout out to Gill, our charismatic host, without who it just wouldn’t have been the same.