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‘Stories By Chloe’ was born out of a love for collecting moments, a way to tell the stories behind you or your brand, and capturing the elements that make it so unique.
I am a natural and light loving photographer, chasing the magic of your story, capturing your brand, retreat, home, studio, team, workshop and more.

Like afternoon light, fresh stems and blue jeans, i’m a big believer that the simple things are often the most beautiful and photography is no exception.

Oh, hey! I'm Chloe.
UK brand photographer and storyteller for businesses and brands.

Stories By Chloe was born out of a love for collecting moments, a way to tell the stories behind your brand, capturing the elements that make it so unique.
I live for taking photos and their all-consuming ability to truthfully capture the magic of a moment. There’s something incredibly powerful about photography and how it can make you feel; it evokes emotion and creates a connection – something at the heart of every single photo I take. My shoot style is candid to capture the true magic of your story; so whether that’s grabbing a coffee together, a chat in your studio, or at a workshop, event, retreat or somewhere else, I’m all about capturing those honest moments to showcase the essence of you and your brand; the story and the lifestyle.

I love to play with light, experiment with shadows and create atmospheric shots that have a hint of softness. I look for the feelings, reactions and emotions as they happen; it’s this organic finish that inspires your audience to connect, imagining the scene beyond the borders of the image. No matter if it’s a slow, light-filled morning whilst you work, or a fleeting moment at an event, my photography style is soft, natural, relaxed and always authentic.
When I don’t have my camera close by, you’ll find me with my loyal little pup Alfie by my side - I’m a total pet person, so if you bring yours to a shoot, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world! I also love big plates of pasta, roaming remote islands, being by the sea, candles and ceramics – the simple pleasures in life.

My Story

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. – Elliott Erwitt

Over the years, I’ve been candidly snapping brands, both the people behind them and the products they have created, to document the details that make each brand story memorable. I may be based between Hertfordshire and London, but, you’ll always find me travelling around, both in the UK and beyond. Thinking of a beauty shoot by the sea or some snaps of your retreat on location in Europe? Let’s get creative!

I love working with brands to really make these moments of magic come alive. I have an affinity towards natural, lifestyle and slow living style brands, so whether you’re in beauty, interiors, stationery, food and drink, yoga or something else; if your brand ethos matches my aesthetic then I’d love to create some magic and start storytelling together. 

Chloe x

Why me?

Choosing a photographer to capture the true essence of you and your brand or event is a big decision. You want to work with somebody in a collaborative way, somebody who will understand the story you have to share and naturally capture everything it entails.

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